Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Walking Boots.


            IMG_2674               IMG_2673

Compare the old one on the left to the new one on the right.

I have done quite a few miles and a fair few locks in these comfy old boots, but didn’t think that they were available any more. As you can see there was not much tread left on the soles to cope with the icy, muddy towpaths that I tramp along every day. I have been looking out for some replacement boots for quite a while now and spotted these at Quinns Footwear shop in Daventry. My original pair were £20 and have lasted me about six years and were still surprisingly comfortable, breathable and waterproof! The only additional cost was to buy a new pair of laces for them. So, when I spotted them in the sale for £25, I thought to myself, ‘I don’t believe it,’ as Victor Meldrew would say!


It is essential to have non slip soles with good grips for negotiating around and over the locks, so I am well pleased with my purchase. May ‘Northwest Territory’ keep on making their wonderful boots.

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Sue Hunter said...

Thanks for that post. My latest pair of boots are giving up, although they do get alot of wear. Will try a pair if 'yours' next.