Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Now that we have been to the knot tying evening, Bottle has been inspired to re-rope our rear fender button. He is using our large wooden chopping block to rest his work on, even so it is hard on his fingers and back. With this in mind he is doing a little bit each day, but still comes in from his workshop in the cratch a bit stiff. Now he has somehow caught ‘man flu’ so things have come to a grinding halt while he grumbles and endlessly blows his nose.

My first rag rug looks very nice, but there is a problem as some of the strands around the edge have pulled out. I only wish I could start my new rag rug, but I need to track down some more material to blend in with what I already have. Several live aboard folks have made lovely rag rugs. I would welcome any tips in order to improve the next one I make please?

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