Friday, 7 November 2014

Hawksbury Junction.

IMG_7812 Bedworth IMG_7823 IMG_7821 Greyhound

Just past Bridge 14 leading up to Bedworth, the old Navigation Inn which had suffered a fire, is now a very impressive residence. Sunday lunch was excellent in the cosy popular Greyhound Inn, so was the pudding. Someone has a lot of brass and copper to shine in there!

IMG_7837      IMG_7840 Ford's HospitalAlmshousesa      IMG_7842

I heard the familiar sound of a Bolinder engine slowly approaching the junction. It was Kangaroo carrying bulk loads of coal etc to deliver down the Oxford Canal. I was just lurking around taking photos and offered to do the stop lock gates for him. So he took the rare chance to polish his brasses while the boat idled in. Then he washed his hands in the canal, thanked me and off he went! The buses are every ten minutes from just down the road into Coventry so we spent a day there. We discovered a lovely timber framed building with intricate carving down a side alley. Built as a Hospital with an endowment from William Ford the Almshouses surround a narrow courtyard. It suffered damage in an air raid in 1940, so was rebuilt with original timbers in 1951-53, luvly jubbly.

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