Monday, 31 August 2009

One Week Has Passed.

The light of day after nine months

Up and over

Nothing to do with me.

That's tight.

Almost there

That's cold and wet.

We spent the first few days at Debdale, moving things around, a place for everything and everything in its place.

A few items have been attended to by Fernwood, nothing major.

We have a couple of scratches, none done by us.

One night whilst going to bed, there was a 'buzzing sound', thought it may be the inverter, no that was making its normal sound.

Investigation was required, eventually traced it to under the engine board, it was the automatic bilge pump but the bilge was empty, must be faulty, checked there were no leaks (stern gland) all OK, so turned pump of at circuit breaker.

Arose early next morning, will have to contact Fernwood but thought would have another look in the cold light of day.

Eureka!! the bilge pump has a manual switch and that had been knocked on.

On our day of leaving Debdale, fuel was required, mad a right 'pigs ear' of manoeuvring boat but I have lots of different excuses just have to pick one.

Whilst filling up we met Jim and Shiela on Diva, they have only had the boat a few months and are carrying out a refit.

We also met Paul on Timewarp an all electric boat (including propulsion).

Of course it was, you show me yours and I will show you mine.

Jim and Sheila have a very nice boat that is coming along nicely.

Pauls is all 'Art Deco' and wonderfully fitted out, could see some influences of Fernwood.

We also met Moo Moo La Rouge (another Ferwood).

First trip all of 45minutes to the bottom of Foxton, and then did some gongoozling.

Visited the Foxton Inn but did not like it, very cold, no atmosphere, typical formula restaurant had one drink and left.

Went to the Bridge 61 pub at the bottom of the locks, wonderful atmosphere and immediately got talking to fellow boaters, great evening.

Have visited Market Harborough, very pleasant town.

Had Sunday lunch at the Union Hotel and Restaurant, it is within five minutes of the Basin and can strongly recommend it.

We are now stopped out in the country being 'gently rocked' by all the Canaltime boats leaving for their holidays.

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