Sunday, 14 June 2009

Stoke Bruerne

We had a day out, to get our canal fix.

As we were crossing the lock, two boats were about to enter so we had to do a bit of 'gongoozling', entering was without incident, gates closed and paddles drawn.
This is when it started to go wrong, the paddles were fully drawn, boats surged forward, the two steerers were chatting not concentrating on the job in hand.
One of the boats front fenders caught on the top of the gate, lock emptying rapidly, much shouting to no avail, eventual realisation by boat steerer, hard reverse and the boat dropped 12" to 18" back into the water, relief all round.

Spent a wonderful day at the festival, met Del and Al (Derwent6) we chatted a lot, about boats and the getting them built, now there is a surprise.

They invited us to pop in for a drink later, which we did, to sit on a boat with lovely weather and convivial company was just what we needed.

Not that we required convincing that the boating life is for us but it did help.

Thank you Del and Al, it was most enjoyable to meet you again and just be.

Derwent6 in all her glory

Stoke Bruerne

Two gentlemen and dog


Colin said...

I must have been stood almost next to you!!
I noticed the boat starting to drift forward in the lock at what seemed quite a speed. Seeing the fender catch on the lockgate I stood amazed as the steerers seemed not to notice the danger. I'd say they were lucky not to become unwitting stars of the festival.

Bottle said...

Hi Colin

Just visited your site, impressive, have added you to my 'Other Places'.